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With almost 10 years experience in the creative graphics industry, the team at Pimp My Plate , have decided to revolutionize the show plate industry. We offer unrivaled quality, choice and customer service. 

We work hard for our vehicles, and naturally desire the best accessories, but when we came to order show plates, we found that the choice was severely limited, the delivery times poor, and above all, the quality did not exist... We tried several suppliers and frustratingly met the same problems.

The solution… pimpmyplate.eu


As a graphics company, we analyzed the plates from both a customer and professional perspective and decided that we could do better……much better.


We always emphasize quality, because why invest in a product that falls below the quality threshold? It’s ok for a company to offer a crisp and complex design on their website, but can they reproduce it on the number plate?

We have invested 000’s of pounds in a brand new, state of the art printing system that we believe is second to none. Our results speak for themselves. See our gallery page for an accurate comparison.
We offer a massive choice of colors, and our print techniques allow to to use all colors, unlike some show plate manufacturers who find it difficult to reproduce blues on a rear plate, as the blue looks green. We, unlike most other show plate manufacturers, offer Metallic Colors including Gold, Silver and now Chrome and Shimmer Gold.
We ensure that we only use reliable, industry standard suppliers for our components, this way we ensure that we deliver a top quality product to you. All of our suppliers are British, we do not use cheaper alternatives from Eastern Europe and the Far East.


There is absolutely no point in offering a high quality product, if the design options are limited. Some companies limit the designs on offer as it helps to reduce their costs. Not us...at pimpmyplate.com the consumer is king. We currently offer the widest choice of designs currently available on the internet, and we intend to keep it that way. The combinations of color, border, logo and text we offer runs into 000’s. If you don’t see the logo you want, simply contact us at payments@pimpmyplate.com detailing your requirements.

Choice is a commodity that, as consumers, we have become used to. It does not make sense to offer a multitude of designs and then present one or two number plate size options. We offer every size of plate that you can imagine. If you don’t see the number plate size you require, tell us at payments@pimpmyplate.com. For further information on the plate sizes that we offer, go to our plate size page.


Pricing is always a sensitive issue, as know matter what we, as consumers purchase, we want the best possible price. Our prices are keen, but we are certainly not the cheapest available. If you base your purchasing decision solely on price, rather than quality and service, then you may as well click elsewhere. If you want superior quality and guaranteed results, proceed to our plate builder.
The bitterness of poor quality is remembered long after the sweetness of the lowest price is forgotten.

Secure Payment

Our online payment systems are 100% secure. We use universally recognized third party payment processors, PayPal. This way, your transaction is 100% secure and we do not hold your credit card details on our server. Our privacy policy is both strict and absolute. We never sell or exchange your email address to any other parties whatsoever. we are also able to take payments securely over the phone from any major credit or debit card.

Standard Size Frame for 520mmx111mm plates

£ 13.99